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Why get involved

The key role of care providers

The goal of Dès le début… en français! is to increase the use of services provided by the Centres de la petite enfance et de la famille (CPEF) in Manitoba.

Going to CPEFs is not only fun for toddlers and their parents, it also promotes good physical and mental health while improving efficiencies within the Manitoba health care system and lowering costs.

Among other things, CPEFs can offer health related services such as visits to francophone parents who have a 0 to 2-year old baby, and Early Childhood Fairs where health care providers do screen tests in the fields of language, fine motor skills, hearing, sight, etc.

To increase visits at CPEFs, we’ll rely on the full participation of Manitoba’s health care providers. Creating awareness amongst caregivers of the importance of French-language services for francophones during early childhood is a key strategy to achieve our goal. See the What can you do section to know more about what we’re expecting from you!

It is worth noting that early childhood is a critical period for learning languages and for the physical, social, cognitive and emotional development of a child. Discover all the potential of early childhood in parent Benefits.


Many benefits…

Dès le début… en français! provides advantages for your clients (francophone parents and children of 0 to 6 years), but also for you as health care providers – and to the health care system in which you work.

For your clients


Providing services in French during pregnancy and at childbirth is extremely beneficial to your clients; receiving services in their first language positively influences the physical and mental health of the child, a benefit that will be felt throughout his or her life.

Also, taking advantage of services in French contributes to the psychological well-being and to the general health of parents.


Dès le début… en français! helps to improve patient safety. In fact, poor communication due to language difficulties and lack of services in French negatively affect the quality of patient care as well as outcomes from prescribed treatments.


The lack of French services reduces you clients’ satisfaction with regard to the care they receive. Conversely, providing services in French can be reassuring and appreciated, for example in a situation where a child can describe his or her symptoms in their preferred language.


To make good decisions about their health, an individual must be able to understand the options available to them.

For you, the caregiver


Providing people with services in their language not only increases the satisfaction of those people, but also of the care provider, who can take better care of their patients!


Language barriers reduce the effectiveness of the health system. For example, the lack of services in French increases consultation time, the number of necessary tests and errors in diagnosis and treatment. The patient’s understanding of their own condition and compliance with treatment are also reduced.


Offering services in French is not an unnecessary and expensive luxury. In fact, the opposite is true: French services reduce health care costs because they help with prevention, reduce consultation time, and minimize the number of tests as well as the likelihood of errors in diagnosis and treatment.

Dès le début… en français! generates savings for the health system!


Receiving services in one’s own language from an early age promotes healthy development. CPEFs therefore provide benefits to society as a whole as healthy individuals are better able to participate fully in their communities.

What can you do

The objective is to expand the use of services offered by the Centres de la petite enfance et de la famille (CPEF) by young children and their families. Health care providers have an important role to play in helping us convince families to take advantage of existing French-language services for their preschoolers.

In fact, the success of Dès le début… en français! is based largely on the care providers’ commitment to identify and inform families. In essence, regardless of whether you are French-speaking or not, we’re counting on you to:

  • Greet your clients on the phone or in person with a “Hello/Bonjour”
  • Always ask your clients if they speak French with members of their family
  • Indicate on client files and on forms the language spoken at home
  • Communicate the benefits of learning French and of using French-language services to families during pregnancy and at birth
  • Distribute our bilingual promotional cards and post our bilingual message on digital waiting room screens
  • Direct francophone families to CPEFs, which are extraordinary resource centres
  • Let us know if you’d like us to come by and make a presentation

We invite you to become an integral part of our initiative by actively promoting a range of services, understanding the benefits of timely access to French-language services and providing this information to targeted families.

The value of health providers

Health care providers have a close relationship with pregnant women and their families. They are usually the first to know that families are expecting a child! These practitioners can therefore recognize the targeted parents, make them aware of the importance of services in French, distribute communication tools, and connect them to early childhood resources. Whether at the time of an appointment during pregnancy or after childbirth, the care provider is obviously the best person to identify and inform families.

This group includes:

  • Family physicians
  • Midwives
  • Families First program home visitors
  • Healthy Baby program coordinators
  • Obstetricians
  • Public health care providers
  • Primary care nurses
  • Nurse practitioners
  • Public Health Nurses

Who is francophone?

The Dès le début… en français! target audience consists of francophone children of 0 to 6 years in Manitoba and their families. The term “francophone” is intended to be as inclusive as possible, meaning:

  • People whose mother tongue is French
  • Families who speak French at home
  • Families whose history is in part francophone
  • Families where several languages are spoken, of which one is French
  • Families wishing to receive services in French
  • Newcomers who speak French

Building on a solid base

Whether it’s to inform parents or to guide them towards services in French, it is important to know that caregiver participation, regardless of the language you speak, is part of a system that’s already well established. The resources and tools exist, we simply need to make families aware of them.

We hope you’re encouraged and willing to commit to the Dès le début… en français! initiative.

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