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Creating awareness about important services

Currently, a variety of excellent services that promote the well-balanced development of francophone children from 0 to 6 years are offered in Manitoba.

However, many families are unaware of these services. In addition, many parents do not know about the benefits associated with receiving services in French immediately after the birth of their child. It’s equally important to note that francophones living in linguistic minority communities often do not have access to services in their own language and this can directly affect their well-being.

In essence, we have resources and tools in place, as well as families in need, but the two are not connected!

To address this challenge, Dès le début… en français! is creating awareness about services that are available for francophone families with young children to help them fully enjoy the benefits of these services.

An overview of the initiative

Dès le début… en français! wants to increase the use of programs and services offered in French that are already available to francophone families with children from ages 0 to 6.

To achieve this goal requires better identification of future francophone families, more actively offering resources, and informing parents about the importance of playing, connecting and learning in French from an early age. We’ll build on the current system and work with health care providers who are a crucial resource to us.

Dès le début… en français! is led by a group of partners including the Coalition francophone de la petite enfance du Manitoba, the Fédération des Parents du Manitoba (FPM) and fourteen Centres de la petite enfance et de la famille (CPEF).


Promoting early childhood centers

Overall, Dès le début… en français! invites more families with children of 0 to 6 years to use the services of the Centres de la petite enfance et de la famille (CPEF) by actively offering these services. The initiative is based on fulfilling the following important strategies:

  • Identify francophone clients during pregnancy or at birth
  • Ask health care providers to encourage the use of existing French-language services created for young families in Manitoba, especially those offered by the Centres de la petite enfance et de la famille (CPEF)
  • Promote the benefits of having access to French-language services for toddlers and their parents

The effects of early life experiences such as those that can be enjoyed in a CPEF contribute to a healthy childhood and influence the development of an individual throughout their life.


A group effort

Several key groups are contributing to the Dès le début… en français! initiative.

In addition to the Manitoba Centre for Health Policy and Santé en français, the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority (WRHA) and Southern Health – Santé Sud support the initiative. Without the consent and the assistance of the two RHAs, the implementation of Dès le début… en français! would not succeed.

Three francophone community organizations are also contributing to the project:

The Fédération des Parents du Manitoba (FPM) is leading the initiative. FPM represents francophone parents in the province. They regularly develop programs for francophone families. The promotion of services in French, such as those proposed by Dès le début… en français!, is a natural extension of their work.

La Coalition francophone de la petite enfance du Manitoba supports and approves the initiative. The Coalition was founded to develop and deliver a variety of services in French that meet the needs of francophone children in Manitoba from ages 0 to 6 and their families, while keeping in mind all aspects of their development. Its Steering committee is comprised of members of the Fédération des Parents du Manitoba (FPM), la Division scolaire franco-manitobaine (DSFM), la Société franco-manitobaine (SFM) and Healthy Child Manitoba.

The Centres de la petite enfance et de la famille (CPEF) are the initiative’s retail outlets. The fourteen CPEFs are places where parents can spend time with their children. They offer a variety of services, activities and resources for francophone children of 0 to 6 years. The CPEFs are located within the schools of la Division scolaire franco-manitobaine (DSFM).

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